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March Focus-PSD Brochure and TensorGrip

March 5

March Focus-PSD Brochure and TensorGrip


New Materials


As you will know if you’ve been following our online activities, we are currently promoting all things health and safety which includes our personal protective equipment range (PPE). We have been collaborating with 3M to bring out some exciting new material which showcases a curated selection of our product range. This brochure includes focus on all categories of PPE from welding to footwear. We have put together a list of concise information for each of the products listed within, giving you the ability to quickly compare and decide upon the best products for you. There is an index at the back of the brochure which gives more options about the products that we can stock.


The brochure also provides you with more information about the services in which we operate. These industries range from Aerospace to Signage and General Manufacturing. Did you also know that we offer services such as dangerous goods repacking and adhesive tape conversion?


If you would like to compare more industrial products then use our website search function or browse through the categories here:

Home Page

We also have an Aerospace site for more demanding or specific applications:

Home Page


The brochure is available for download here.

If this brochure is to be printed out please email for a full size file.



This Month’s Focus


This month’s focus will be on a range of safer adhesives to use in your workplace. We will be working with TensorGrip to bring you a selection of quality adhesive products created with the health and safety of workers in mind. The products we will showcase to you are di-chloromethane free with low VOC making them a safer option for workers. TensorGrip’s innovative formulas eliminate the need to use traditionally wasteful and time-consuming methods of bonding. The adhesives we select will be for use across a variety of industries, giving you the best choices no matter the application.